Discover the Pinnacle Asian Display

All Pinnacle members now have the opportunity to switch from the current classic site view to the Asian view, which offers features to enhance the betting experience, especially if you bet on live football .


Why switch to the Asian display?

Here are the main features offered by the Asian display:

  • The classic confirmation page is replaced by the betting ticket;
  • The update of the odds appears on the betting ticket, so you can place your bet faster, especially for live football;
  • Full display of sports;
  • An increased number of lines displayed on the screen;
  • Access to buy / sell lines out of a drop-down menu;
  • The ability to customize your time zone.

Who is he talking to?

The Asian display is particularly aimed at:

  • to live bettors, especially for live football;
  • bettors betting very often;
  • bettors relying on arbitration;
  • bettors following a large number of leagues at a time.


What are the other differences of Asian display?

  • The betting menu is filtered according to: 
    the display of odds: single, single or double lines * 
    the period: regulation time, 1st or 2nd half only.
  • The navigation is market-oriented rather than sport 
    oriented (that is, categorized as Live, Today & Preliminary Offer).
  • It is possible to consult the overview of his account using the list of bets & bets in progress.

* By default, the Asian odds view consists of a single line where all available game level, handicap, and total options appear on a single line. Other display options are:

Single line , which displays all available game options, 1st half, handicap and total, on one line. 
Double line , which displays all available options game, 1st half, 1x2, handicap and total, on two lines.

What does not change?

The odds, limits, markets and types of bets available are exactly the same, whether you use the classic or Asian view. Only the way you choose to view them changes.

Log in now to access the Asian view

Log in as usual to, then use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. If you use the Asian view when you log out, it will be automatically displayed the next time you log in, but you can return to the classic view.


I prefer however the classic display

Do you prefer the classic display? No problem. You can switch between display options as many times as you like.